In order to get the most out of your game, we will focus on four areas, each one of which we can work on together: golf training in all kinds of variations, custom club fitting, a strong mental game and athletic stability, all in respect of your personal capabilities.

Every golfer has room for improvement somewhere, including very good players. Even the slightest changes might be enough to help you to get even better than you already are.

I have offers for beginners, advanced players and even for your personal tournament preparation.

Custom Fitting

By getting your golf clubs custom fit you are setting the foundation for a better golf game. Together we can custom fit your golf clubs to your body and swing to achieve your perfect shots.

With custom fit golf clubs you will find that is much easier to play better golf instead of playing with clubs that are not right for you.
Since 2004 I have been working with golf clubs in all areas: Club making, club repairs and club sales 2009 - 2013 I worked at the Golflcub St. Leon-Rot as a certified club fitter and was in charge of the golf club repair workshop, where I made all kinds of club making and club repairs. Therefore I am qualified to assist you in all of these areas.

Regular certified custom club fitting training with PING, Callaway,
Titleist and TaylorMade

Golf Fitness

In cooperation with athletic coach Martin Zawieja
who has been an exclusive member of the coaches team
at the golfclub Heidelberg-Lobenfeld since the end of 2015.

Martin offers special coaching with our new fitness concept
"Golf Fitness 4U", which is specifically designed for
everybody, regardless of age or handicap.

Any inquiries under:

TPI Certified Golf Fitness Coach
C-Trainer barbell coach

Mental Coaching

As a certified Synconi-Mental Coach, I can work on
your personal mental approach to the game,
so you can swing freely on every shot.

Together we can work out a mental strategy for the
course and work on your individual strenghts
and weaknesses in order for you to get the most
out of your golf game.

Certified Golf Mind Mental Coach
Synconi Certified Mental Coach