Golf is a sport with a long tradition which is influenced by the most modern technologies today.

There is no such thing as THE PERFECT swing, which everyone should strive to achieve. Our goal is to help you individually. Perhaps the standard methods of teaching may not be ideal for you. Every person is unique and the golf swing is aswell.

One or two minor corrections to your personal technique could be sufficient for an improvement of your ball flight which leads to better scores.

Many years of experience combined with expert knowledge and know how, guarantee an improvement and more fun in the future



What makes people want to participate in a sport?

The main reason is to have fun and to be successful.
My aim is to help you achieve both of these goals
whilst having fun.

Do you prefer to practice alone?

Would you like to have clubs that fit you properly?

Or should we work out a mental strategy for a better score?

I can also offer professional athletic training to improve your swing.

To help you become the best golfer you can be!


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